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Wood Shine Crafters Epoxy Resin Coating System - 1 Gallon Kit - IHeartEpoxy

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IHeartEpoxy Wood Shine Epoxy Coating

Is a Super Gloss epoxy resin, is UV Stable and designed to give a thick high gloss clear coating on bar tops and tables. It leaves a glass-like finish now with an anti-yellowing UV additive.

This epoxy system will cure rigid with a blush-free, shiny high gloss finish, self-leveling, and smooth coating


Customer Reviews

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Lucy Galiano
Wood Shine

I don’t try new products very often, but I thought this stuff looked interesting. Used it this past weekend for the first time and was very pleased with the product. It was easy to work with and clarity is outstanding. So far, the product seems to be working very well. I will definitely be buy more and using it on up coming projects. Very pleased with the product and will be recommending it to others.

Thank you for the kind review.

IHeartEpoxy Wood Shine Epoxy Coating

This product provides a fast cure and property development at ambient and low temperatures without accelerators and allows for a quick return to service. The typical pot life on this item is roughly 45-50 minutes based on mass and temperature.

Thin-film set time (3mil. film) is roughly 5 hours at 78F. Fast cure and green time while exhibiting low exothermic temperatures (120C.) makes this product ideal for all applications. The full cure is 24 hours at normal conditions.

This product cures to a brilliant high gloss finish. The finished product will be very rigid, smooth, clear, and display a brilliant high gloss finish similar to glass.

You will receive part A epoxy and part B curing agent (measured by weight), full instructions, and outstanding customer support with every purchase.

What can you create with epoxy resin?

Check out some great examples of how our epoxy resin is being used below...

  • Product Details

    Excellent Coating Epoxy for;
    • wood & metal coatings
    • tabletops coatings
    • craft coatings
    • jewelry making (small casting or multi-layered)
    • hobbyist and craft making
    • plaques and frames
    • concrete and pebble coating
    • fiberglass wet lay-up
    • waterproofing & sealing

    IHeartEpoxy Wood Shine Epoxy Coating is
    • fast cure (24 hours @ room temp.)
    • fast thin film set of 6 hours
    • acid, chemical, & moisture resistant
    • rigid, blush free, super high gloss finish
    • heat resistance to 165F & intermittent heat resistance up to 300F

  • Technical Specifications

    Mix Ratio 1:1 by volume

    Pot-Life: 45-50 minutes (100gram mass)

    Hardness: D78

    Mixed Viscosity: 1200cps

    Tensile Strength psi: 7,500

    Compressive Strength, psi: 15,400

    Linear Shrinkage, in/in: .0008

    Chemical Resistance: excellent

    Moisture Resistance: excellent

    Dielectric Strength, (volt/mil): 550

    Dielectric Constant, 1mhz - 3.2


    You will receive part A epoxy and part B curing agent (measured by weight), full instructions, and outstanding customer support with every purchase

Calculate How Much Epoxy Resin is Needed with our Calculator

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Mixing Instructions

Mix this resin 1:1 by volume. If mixing by weight, mix 100 parts of resin into 83 parts of hardener. When mixing this product, make sure to use a round cup & mix thoroughly scraping all sides and bottom of the mixing container.

Improperly mixed epoxy can create a major headache. Remember that thermoset plastics are temperature sensitive. Cold weather slows the curing process down, whereas heat speeds curing up. Always try to mix chemicals at room temperature. For best results, try pouring epoxy into the hardener. Pour along the side of the container to help alleviate air entrapment. Mix for at least 3-5 minutes. Use a round motion until the chemical is clear and free of striations. Allow the mixed components to stand in your mixed cup for at least 5 minutes. This allows for bubbles to rise to the surface. Small castings and potting units may take longer to cure than larger items.

This chemical needs to be stored in a dry, safe, temperature-controlled environment. Always keep the lids tightly sealed when not in use. Remember, oxygen and moisture oxidize and can rapidly degrade the epoxy and hardener. Moisture is also a potential issue. Always keep the bottles sealed when not in use.

When applying this product, use gloves, goggles, and proper safety equipment. Please refer to the safety data sheet before using any of our epoxy products.