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Black Diamond Pigments

Satin White

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Black Diamond Pigments description

Non-Toxic Multipurpose (satin white) is a vibrant color that looks incredible when used over a dark or light base color.

 (satin white) is a professional-grade mica pigment that is also great for DIY crafts such as soap making, bath bombs, crafts, candle making, lacquer, automotive paint, slime, plastics, fiberglass, jewelry, Plastidip, plastic resins, woodworking (and so many more!) Recommended using POLYSORBATE 80 with bath bombs- NOT Recommended for concrete, color will not appear as shown. BEST IF ADDED TO A CLEAR BASE. 


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  • Product Details

    💎 Each container has 1.8oz (51grams) of Pure Dry Mica Powder Pigment by WEIGHT.

    💎 Our pigments are offered in resealable, reusable containers.

    💎 We pride ourselves in providing 100% Vegan, Cruelty Free pigment that is NOT sourced with child labor or any inhuman labor pigments.

    💎 Our pigments are Non-Toxic, animal friendly, irritant free, and gentle on skin.

    💎 PLEASE test, evaluate, and determine suitability of pigment before full application.

    💎 Photos displayed are as accurate as possible, however due to variations in viewer monitor- settings, color may vary from actual image. Each individual views color a little different.

    💎 Melting Point 1200-1800*F // pH: 6.0-9.0 4% H2O

  •  Mix Ratio

    💎 Subject to change based on such variables: depth of pour, color base poured over, artist's desired effect. - 1 gram of pigment per 1-8ounces of epoxy used

    💎 Highest grade mica pigment available Non-Toxic and Cruelty Free- (10-60 Microns), Titanium Dioxide (1.8oz by weight), (Melting point 1200-1800*F) BEST IF ADDED TO A CLEAR BASE.

    💎 Portion/ Mixing Guide varies on medium used. 1g of pigment per 1-8oz epoxy. 25-50g of pigment per gallon of peelable paint. Please see portion guide in the photos or our website.  

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